Sunday 4 October 2009

A new beginning

I am a rather disorganised mum of 2 little boys and have been struggling to find time to enjoy my hobbies. This blog is my attempt to become a bit more organised and to enable me to spend some time on my sanity-saving hobbies!

I have lots of cross stitching and knitting stash which needs organising, and am hoping to receive an allotment soon to fulfil my gardening itch. Over time a lot of my stash will need to find new homes as I have accumulated far more than I can reasonable work through in about 5 lifetimes, let alone 1.

Hmm, so where should I start? Cross stitching first, and then we'll see where we end up!


  1. Welcome back! Hope you see a little progress report here, but understand with 2 little ones now!

  2. Welcome to blogland. I have found blogging to be very helpful in keeping me stitching. As for organizing? Well, I have a hodge podge mess too. One of these days it will be organized. But not too soon. LOL